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Golden Arowana Bamboo flooring

How should you maintain your Golden Arowana Bamboo flooring? Read on to discover how you could retain the beauty and allure of this type of flooring.

golden arowana bamboo flooringGolden Arowana bamboo flooring is one of the most popular bamboo flooring brand available on the market.  This has been augmented not only by its beauty, but also by its resistance to moisture durability and strength. One thing that you will acknowledge however, there are numerous brands of bamboo flooring available in the market today.  Buying this type of flooring would definitely be a heavy investment. However, to gain maximum utility from this bamboo flooring, it would be important that you learn how to maintain its beauty.

The retain the beauty of your Golden Arowana bamboo flooring, it would be important that you clean it regularly. Understand however, that the flooring beings some sensitivity to moisture and therefore, exposure to water should be limited to the minimum. Use a damp mop preferably one made of micro fibers. A broom should be used to sweep away the dirt and fine particles. This could also be done using vacuum cleaners with brush attachment since it would pick the particles and dirt from tiny crevasses.

In addition, it would be important that wax and wood polishes be kept away from the Golden Arowana bamboo flooring. This is because they would damage the floor surface and possibly dull it. The same case applies to finishes and solvent cleaners. Also, note that as much as this flooring is quite durable and strong, it would still be susceptible to scratches and gouges. This underlines the importance of not dragging items on the flooring or wearing sharp pointed shoes on the floor. On the same note, protective pads should be kept under the furniture to prevent scratches and gouges. Keeping the floor clean may mean placing a mat on the entrance. However, rubber mats should be avoided since they retain moisture thereby leading to discoloration of your floor. Having read this article, now its your turn to decide whether this golden arowana bamboo flooring suits with your needs or not.