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How to Install Laminate Flooring on Concrete

Tips on How to Install Laminate Flooring on Concrete

how to install laminate flooring on concreteIt is not as hard as some people think of learning how to install laminate flooring on concrete. The advantages that come with these kinds of floors are great. For instance, these floors look as great and as hard as wood floors. You can tap into these advantages by using the tips and bits of information in this article to get your own laminate flooring at home.

For starters, you can rest assured that it is possible to install laminate flooring that is interlocking over level and clean OSB, plywood, concrete, vinyl and ceramic sub flooring. However, you should not attempt to install these floors in rooms that have a drain on the floor.

Ensure you have read the instructions from the manufacture before you start installing your laminate floors. If the manufacturer requires it, install a moisture barrier or underlayment while ensuring that the side of your top surface has been installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Still, most laminate floors will have underlayment pre- attached on their underside so this should not be a problem for you.

Humidity and temperature are known to affect the floor planks. You need to acclimate your laminate flooring at home for around 48 hours even before you start installing them. Stack every flooring slab flat on your floor. Get rod of plastic wrappings and ensure each box has enough air space that will allow free circulation of air around.
Then, go about cleaning the sub floor to get rid of dirt and debris. If you want to install the laminate over a new floor of concrete, wait till the floor fully cures. Use a hammer and pry bar to remove any base molding.

Once you are done with that tip on how to install laminate flooring on concrete, start by undertaking to lay out your vapor barrier a row at each time. Start from the broadest wall in the room. When you join two barrier sheets together, use the directions from the manufacturer.

Lay a single laminate piece flat against your door jambs and sub- floor. Use this as your guide in marking the jambs to ensure that new flooring will slide under the jamb. Use a coping or flat saw, cut through the jambs parallel to your sub- floors, this will ensure the jamb and floor acquire the nice look of finishing without you having to completely remove the jamb.

The best of all appearances can only be achieved when you lay your planks in a parallel manner with the room’s longest wall. Install your first plank of laminate flooring ensuring the groove faces towards the wall. Place spacers against your wall before pushing the very first plank against them. The space will create expansion gaps to allow the wall to contract and expand.

Finally, the last tip on how to install laminate flooring on concrete will require you to match the grooves and tongues. Tap each plank in place using scrap flooring pieces to protect your planks. Ensure that all the pieces snugly fit together and that no gaps are left along your planks’ length. However if all works above are to much you can always get Laminate Flooring Contractors done it for you.